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Check out this 5-track EP from Troy Western featuring tracks like “Feel The Love” and “Til Sunrise Comes Near’.


This 5-track EP called “Rocks In A Bucket” is the first album from Troy Western featuring melodic vocals, strong acoustic presence, funky keys and a mix of storytelling amidst its blend of upbeat and mellower folk-rock instrumentation.

A music reviewers blog “Lipstik Indie Reviews” offered this insight:

“This passionate acoustic based performer has a melodic lovely voice that will haunt you long after you have listened to him. The first track “Feel the Love” is an upbeat rocking song with strong instrumental and vocals telling a tale of love and finding ones way home. The second track “Til the sunrise comes near” is a bit calmer but not lacking in story telling. My favorite was the final track “Look Around.” I love the beginning and I found it quite lovely to listen to, from the acoustic guitar to the harmonies. All in all, an enjoyable experience.


Viki Ackland, Lipstik Indie Reviews

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